January 16, 2011

exhausted but EXCITED cottage girlies ...

Y'all I have been working my mama (and myself ... oh and the Mr.) to the BONE this weekend but things are REALLY REALLY coming together! 

I know I promised before & after shots ... 

But we got so EXCITED once we pulled the Penske into Gracie's that we totally forgot until we'd already unloaded some things! 

But here are some shots of Gracie's looking quite disastrous ... 

(cute mama working hard getting that shabby JUST right!)

I can't WAIT to show y'all the finished product! I'm in L-O-V-E! Can't wait to see what you think! :) 

Headed out to Artisans again ... See y'all SOON


  1. Hi Lauren,
    Things are looking good and I know you are exhausted.

    Did you notice all of the followers that I sent over to your blog? I included a little something about you on my blog and my faithful followers came to give you some support. They are a wonderful bunch!

    I can't wait to see your space.


  2. Keep up all of the wonderful work, Lauren!



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