September 8, 2009

Great new things!

We hope that everyone had as great of a Labor Day weekend as we did! We were so happy to see all of you who came to visit and hope to see you again soon!

As for some updates...

We have recently gotten 2 new lines in and are in LOVE with both!

Beatriz Ball is our new line of handmade aluminum ware. Each piece is unique and we think they are all fabulous! The greatest thing about them... they are functional serving pieces that are pretty enough to be used as decorative pieces around your home! Who doesn't love a piece that is both functional and pretty?!

Serena and Lily is our fabulous new line of bedding! While it caters mostly to children's rooms, we do have some bedding for the adults in our lives too! From sheets, quilts, and duvets, the Serena and Lily line will certainly be the perfect update to any bedroom in your house! We also have some super cute 'market slings' made of organic cotton so that you (or another Mom in your life) can be stylish while toting the little one around!

We have some other new lines coming soon so be sure to check back!

September 3, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!

We are so excited for the long weekend! Hopefully it will give us a chance to see some of you who can't get down as often as you (and we!) would like and of course all of our favorite locals!

We have gotten some great new things in ... including our AWESOME new line of cottage chic slipcovered furniture! It is incredible! All of the slipcovers can be removed, thrown in the washer and dryer and come out looking brand new everytime! These pieces are sure to be a favorite of yours, as they have quickly become one of ours!

As many of you may know, all of artists are from North and South Carolina; this is something that we are so proud of at The Painted Cottage! It feels wonderful to help support our community! We have recently found several new artists who have brought in some new and FABULOUS pieces!

We have recently created a few new rooms to showcase some of our new favorite things (besides the incredible slipcovered furniture!) Our two current favorites are the new 'bedrooms'... One is a tranquil room perfect for relaxing and reflecting and the other is a hip, brightly colored (mostly pink of course) room perfect for girls of any age!

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