January 21, 2011

{slightly} sappy

Ok y'all I need to preface this post ... I'm about to be REAL sappy. 

Yes, you caught me ... I'm the MOST mushy-gushy person you'll EVER meet. 

And today, I've spent so much time (ALONE) organizing my home office and THINKING about how I'm the luckiest gal in the world. 

I have just been given the GREATEST opportunity ever by one of my favorite people in this entire world ... my mama. 

Now let me just give y'all a little background on US ... I'm the oldest of 3 girls ... And we have ALL always been exceptionally close AND exceptionally close to our mama. We were so lucky growing up ... our parents were always supportive of us in whatever we chose to do. So when I went to grad school and then decided NOT to use my Masters degree in counseling (the little kids absolutely broke my heart) ALL of my parents (I have 2 FAB step-parents as well) were very supportive and told me to do what would make happy ... 

And now ... at age 27, I am WORKING alongside my mother, whom I have always looked up too ... a lady I have always tried to make proud in everything that I do. 

So today, I've been thinking about being lucky ... and thankful. And I just wanted to share with all of you ... my bloggie friends! 

happy times! 

me & mama on my wedding day! 

So here's to what is sure to be a GREAT partnership! 

Do you have any mother-daughter stories? Or for that matter ANY parent-child stories! Please share ... come on ... I'm feeling SAPPPPPPPPPPPPPY! :) 

Happy Friday y'all! 

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  1. Well, aren't y'all pretty. No sappy stories here. Thanks for all your sweet comments and have a great week.


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