January 27, 2011

{sick cottage girl} and some inspiration!

Y'all when I woke up yesterday morning, I knew that I wasn't feeling well ... I tried to blame the weather. Turns out this gal is SICK! {ugh! ugh! ugh!}

So although I had EVERY intention of working on lots of projects yesterday ... I only got as far as the couch, my laptop, and LOTS of online browsing. 

But in doing so ... I found some GREAT inspirations for all things SPRING! (is anyone else as ready for it as we are?!) 

loving the thoughts of going back to using CLOTH table linens! 

vintage suitcases

vintage keys

Beatriz Ball for EVERY occasion

pretty daffodils

vintage dough bowls

bright & cheery enamelware

vintage chianti bottles

vintage Pepsi crates as planters

architectural salvage gates 

bright tulips

vintage Ball jars (especially BLUE!)

mix & match white dishes

So what do y'all think? Likey? Have any inspirations of your own? Do share them! :) 

Don't forget about the BIG Artisans sale this weekend! 20% off these beauties! 


  1. Hi Lauren,

    Sorry you are feeling bad. I think that ole bug is going around biting everyone!

    Love all your inspirational pictures.


  2. I hope you feel well soon. I love your pictures, very inspiring! I like the pretty tablecloth on the outdoor table. That really says spring!


  3. Sorry to hear your are not feeling well...prayers that it all passes very soon...great pics...
    Have a Blessed day

  4. I am beyond ready for spring. If I have to shovel one more scoop of snow I am goin gto @##$$*&%@!

    Your pictures are so inspirational for spring that can't get here soon enough!!

    Take care,


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