September 30, 2010

Last day!

To sign up for the GIVEAWAY over at Pretty Handy Girl

Aren't you just dying to have these adorable bottles in your home?!?! 

Don't forget you have FIVE (yes, 5!!) chances to win ... So be sure to head over to Brittany's page and sign up! 

Happy Thursday Y'all! 

September 29, 2010

Welcome Fall!

Wanted to give everyone a little peek of the great Fall things that we have going on in The PC! 

Stay tuned for some GREAT fall decorating tips! 

September 25, 2010

Pillow Tutorial

Ok y'all here's an EASY tutorial ... Even those who don't like to sew won't mind this project!

So first you have to measure your pillow ... The one we're using is 18X18. Then measure your fabric you want to add an inch to the pillow size ... So we did 19X19.

Cut one square 19X19 (or whatever size your pillow is) and then cut 2 other squares 19X12. This will create the back flap so that your pillow covers are easily removable and WASHABLE!!!

Once you cut your squares, you will need to fold over about 1/4" on the 12" side of your two smaller squares; as you fold, pin the fabric down. After folding and pinning, let the SEWING BEGIN! :)

After sewing your two hems on the smaller panels, lay the fabric pieces right sides together ... Then MORE PINNING! Be sure to pin all 4 sides together!

(almost there!)

After you finishing pinning the pillow cover (and avoiding your fingertips!), MORE SEWING! Sew about a 1/2" inch in on all sides so that your cover perfectly fits your pillow!

After sewing, cut the corners off each side; this ensures that your corners poke out correctly! :)

Flip the fabric & stuff your pillow in! VOILA!

We did it! :) Now it's your turn!

September 24, 2010


As you all know, the PC was doing 4 weeks of ways to "fall back in love with your home"! Well y'all THIS is our last week! But don't worry, we have lots planned for October too! :) 

So this week ... It's all about PILLOWS! 

Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to make your OWN pillow covers TOMORROW!!! 

September 22, 2010

Sneak Peak

Ok in preparation of our LAST week of falling back in love with your house ... We've decided to give you a little sneak peek of what to expect this Friday! 

Be on the lookout for a tutorial this week too! 

September 16, 2010

Rug Sale!

This weekend only y'all! Get it while the gettin's good!

And don't forget about the End of Summer Giveaway y'all! 

Happy Shopping! 

September 15, 2010


Today's the day everyone! 

We are so pleased to announce that one of these beauties could be YOURS

The girls at The PC absolutely LOVE these bottles and Brittany loved them too when she came to visit and the posted her tour of the shop! We think they are the perfect 'beachy' addition to anyone's home! 

So to win these FABULOUS bottles, all you have to do is head over to Pretty Handy Girl where Brittany is giving you not one, not two, but FIVE chances to win! 

What a great way to say goodbye to summer! 


September 14, 2010

Who likes giveaways?

We know we do! Giveaways in the blogging world are so exciting! And we are excited to be taking part in our very first one!

Do you remember Brittany over at Pretty Handy Girl? She gave you a tour of The PC about a month ago! We like to think we're pretty famous! ;)

Well, TOMORROW MORNING she's going to be doing a giveaway on her blog!

You MUST check it out! We'll be posting a link here too for you! And on the Facebook Page!

September 10, 2010


At The Painted Cottage we think one of the best ways to spruce up a bedroom is with some new bedding! And since we are all about helping you spruce up and fall back in love with your house, we decided why not give you a little discount on that bedding! 

So y'all from Friday thru Sunday take 15% off all bedding!

Happy Shopping! 

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