January 18, 2011

new finds

Ok I know y'all are anxiously awaiting the second store reveal ... And I PROMISE the pics are coming soon! 

But until then ... 

Check out these little cuties that are in desperate need of some TLC from TPC! (gah, I'm such a dork!)

I'm going to tackle these tomorrow ... And of course post pics! :) 

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Oh almost forgot! I know that we're still a little while from reaching 100 followers but as soon as we do, we're going to host a giveaway! I already have a   item in mind, but don't want to ruin the surprise ... Let's hope we reach 100 soon and then ALL of you fabulous pretties will know! :) 


  1. I love both of these pieces and I wish that I would have beaten you to them! LOL!



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