December 31, 2010

Last 2 days ...

(well, for the season!) 

We're here from 10 until 2 today, 10 until 5 tomorrow! Then we'll be closed for the rest of January! 

Well, at least the OIB location ... We're still hard at work on the Greenville location! We can't wait to show you pictures SOON

Until then ... Has anyone decided if they want their house to be featured for 'fluffing'?!?! It'll be fun y'all! 

December 30, 2010

Lauren's house - after

Ok so y'all saw Lauren's house before ... 

Here's after ... 


living room

living room

mudroom, turned dining room

dining room (excuse my DC box)


front guest room (new bedding & side table)

front guestroom

back guest room

master bedroom

I didn't strip any wallpaper, paint, or anything except deep clean & add my cute (in my humble opinion) things! And I only bought a FEW new things! The bedding on the front guest room is new, and I added a couple new side tables. 

December 29, 2010

Lauren's House - before

Ok y'all, remember FLUFFING? And the before & after makeovers that we want to help you with? 

Well here's an example ... This is Lauren's house in Greenville. 

There are so many pics that we had to break this post down into a before post & an after post. (and we wanted to add a little suspense to your Wednesday!) 

Lauren & Bryan moved to Greenville, NC almost 2 months ago ... They knew they wanted to live near the stadium (hello, walks to football games!) and when they found this house they fell in LOVE

It's a 1950's ranch that has some really terrible wallpaper ... I will be taking care of that ASAP, but until then I just pretend that all my cute things make up for it! :) 

Ok y'all tour starts NOW

fenced in backyard (Tux LOVES it)







den (and yes, those are 123208310 faux wreaths) 

living room

living room


full bath

close-up of the full bath wallpaper (pretty flowers)

back guest room

front guest room

master bedroom

master (half)bath

close up of the 'beautiful' border

December 28, 2010


Isn't that so much fun to say?! It puts a smile on my face literally every time I say it! ha! :) 

Have y'all ever fluffed? Or had help with fluffing? Ever even heard of fluffing? (and no, we're not talking about the marshmallow kind) 

We're not positive how everyone else defines 'fluffing' but the here are The Painted Cottage, we like to think it's all about re-purposing and re-using things you already have (and maybe adding a FEW new things) to create NEW, updated, beautiful rooms! 

Lots of people are saying the economy is 'turning around' and while it may be, we know that people are still struggling. We want to help you live in a place that you are proud of, that you want to show off ... heck, maybe even a place that your friends are jealous of! :) 

And we want to do all those things without costing you a small fortune! 

Enter FLUFFING ... We think that by moving things around (switching accessories, rugs, books) from one room to another while adding smalls things (new pillows, lamps, bedding, paint colors) you can create an entirely new look for your home without spending a lot of MOOLAH! And we want to help you with that ... 

We also want YOU to help US! We would like to several 'before & after' features on the blog ... To really help people learn to fluff on their own! And we NEED YOU to HELP US! Are you thinking of re-doing your house? Switching things up? Can The PC help you with your Extreme Home Makeover? SAY YES! :) 

From now until the end of the year, if you sign up to let the gals at The PC help you with your home's new look AND agree to let us document the process (and yes, we have to do before shots too!), we'll give you 30% off ALL your purchases at The PC! Yes, you can receive 30% OFF those things that you're DYING to have in your 'new' home! 

Fine print: we don't expect you to want to do this makeover NOW (if you do, we can definitely work with that!) but as long as you 'sign up' with us on or before Jan 1, you can receive the 30% discount! 

So what do you say? Ready for the gals at The PC to make-over your home?!? We're waiting! :) 

December 27, 2010

Lots of announcements!

Ok y'all I'd like to first say a BIG "I'm SORRY" for this post as it could cause SERIOUS sensory overload! :) 

But we have LOTS of really great announcements that we just couldn't keep to ourselves anymore! 

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas! We sure did ... 
And even got SNOW at the BEACH!!! We couldn't believe it! 

So onto the NEWS we have to share with you ... 

First we'd like to introduce Lauren ... 

Many of you may have met her at the store. She is Leigh's oldest daughter ... And has just recently moved from Charleston to Greenville, North Carolina. (Remember her CUTE Christmas tree?) She's also the gal who keeps up with The PC's Facebook and writes the blog! :) (so yes, I was bragging on my OWN Christmas tree!) 

Ok on to the REAL reason I'm introducing myself ... 
We're opening a SECOND LOCATION in Greenville! 

Mom & I are just TOO EXCITED about our new endeavor! We absolutely love working together and are excited to spread some Painted Cottage love in Greenville! 

Ok onto the second announcement ... The Painted Cottage is excited to start offering design services starting January 2011! Our "Bring it on Home" campaign is going to be TOO much fun! We hope to start helping all of you lovelies 'fluff' your homes! We know that sometimes it's overwhelming to start from scratch or to start all over ... So while we can help you with BOTH of these, we really want to focus on helping you work with things you have and adding in small things that make a BIG IMPACT on a room! 

And FINALLY, we hate to say it but THIS SATURDAY (January 1st) will be our last day of the season. That's right, The PC (at least the OIB location) will be closing at 5PM on Saturday until March! :( 

We are running some GREAT sales from now until then though! 
All Christmas decor, accesories, gifts are 40% off! 
All in-stock bedding and rugs are 40% off! (AWESOME!)
Everything else in the store is 20% off! 
And if you spend over $1000 at one time, you'll get an extra 10% off your total purchase! (Perfect time to buy that piece of furniture you've been eyeing!) 

Ok y'all, we PROMISE to give you LOTS more details on all of our upcoming endeavors, but decided that today you may be a LITTLE overwhelmed with all the info! 

So if you're reading this still ... we'd like to say SORRY & THANKS for sticking with us! :) 

December 24, 2010


On the FIRST DAY OF (The PC) CHRISTMAS, we present to you 

Y'all know how much we love these and we thought it would be the PERFECT way to wrap up this Holiday season! 

We still have all sizes in the white & colored lights so be sure to stop by and pick yours up today! After Christmas, they'll be packed away (if we have any left!!) until next year! :) 

The PC Elves will be here from 10-2 today! 


December 23, 2010

2nd Day of Christmas

Can you believe there are only 2 shopping days before Christmas left!?! The little Elves at The PC are STILL busy busy! 

We're super excited about these little cuties today ... These beaded ornaments look GREAT on the Crab Pot Christmas trees ... or as an added accent to your traditional tree! 

We'll be open regular hours today and then from 10-2 tomorrow ... 

Stop by for your last minute gifts and stocking stuffers (and to wish a VERY Merry Christmas to your fav Cottage Elves!)

December 22, 2010

3rd Day of Christmas

3 Days! Where has the time gone?!? 

It's the 3rd Day of The PC Christmas ... and today it's all about one of our favs ... BEDDING! We have Pine Cone Hill and Company C! They're both TOO cute and SUPER soft! 

Don't forget this week you get 12% off and FREE SHIPPING on custom orders until the end of the year! :)  

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