January 30, 2011

great weekend!

Y'all I need to send a BIG APOLOGY your way ... The blog has been AWFULLY quiet this weekend! 

I've been so busy with the BIG sale at Artisans! We had SUCH  great response to The PC which meant lots of sales and LOTS of driving back & forth to restock! Definitely a good problem to have! 

Mama & I will be out & about tomorrow getting new things for the stores and of course trying to pick up the latest ideas for Spring

The weather here is GORGEOUS and has definitely sparked us to start setting up Spring vignettes! 

See y'all in a couple of days! Hopefully with FAB NEW FINDS! 


  1. Hi Lauren,
    I'm glad to hear that your sale was a big success. Be sure and stop by our booths because we got lots of new things!!!

    By the way, thank you so much for the sweet plant. And, it's pink too! I brought it home and placed it under a cloche and it looks very sweet.


  2. By the way, the shabby vanity in Peggie's room is on sale!


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