January 28, 2011


So most of you know that I've been pretty under the weather this week ... Well my spirits were lifted yesterday afternoon at the mailbox ... Now before you start thinking I'm a total WEIRDO ... Let me explain! 

Several weeks ago, Cottage & Vine hosted a giveaway ... And one LUCKY winner was to receive this fabulous pillow! 

Well y'all guess who that LUCKY winner was?! You got it! ME! 

Now I don't typically win ... As in, I've never won anything in my entire life! So not only did I win but I won this FABULOUS pillow from a FABULOUS fellow blogger!

I tested it out yesterday in several spots in my house ... 

I think I like it on the loveseat the best ... What do you think? 

If you haven't been over to Cottage & Vine, you really should! Rene always has great posts! 


So thanks Rene for hosting the giveaway and thanks Fabulous but Frugal for the BEAUTIFUL pillow! :) 

Happy Friday Y'all! 

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  1. Oh I looooove that pillow! Congrats on the win! I like it on the love seat :)


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