December 28, 2010


Isn't that so much fun to say?! It puts a smile on my face literally every time I say it! ha! :) 

Have y'all ever fluffed? Or had help with fluffing? Ever even heard of fluffing? (and no, we're not talking about the marshmallow kind) 

We're not positive how everyone else defines 'fluffing' but the here are The Painted Cottage, we like to think it's all about re-purposing and re-using things you already have (and maybe adding a FEW new things) to create NEW, updated, beautiful rooms! 

Lots of people are saying the economy is 'turning around' and while it may be, we know that people are still struggling. We want to help you live in a place that you are proud of, that you want to show off ... heck, maybe even a place that your friends are jealous of! :) 

And we want to do all those things without costing you a small fortune! 

Enter FLUFFING ... We think that by moving things around (switching accessories, rugs, books) from one room to another while adding smalls things (new pillows, lamps, bedding, paint colors) you can create an entirely new look for your home without spending a lot of MOOLAH! And we want to help you with that ... 

We also want YOU to help US! We would like to several 'before & after' features on the blog ... To really help people learn to fluff on their own! And we NEED YOU to HELP US! Are you thinking of re-doing your house? Switching things up? Can The PC help you with your Extreme Home Makeover? SAY YES! :) 

From now until the end of the year, if you sign up to let the gals at The PC help you with your home's new look AND agree to let us document the process (and yes, we have to do before shots too!), we'll give you 30% off ALL your purchases at The PC! Yes, you can receive 30% OFF those things that you're DYING to have in your 'new' home! 

Fine print: we don't expect you to want to do this makeover NOW (if you do, we can definitely work with that!) but as long as you 'sign up' with us on or before Jan 1, you can receive the 30% discount! 

So what do you say? Ready for the gals at The PC to make-over your home?!? We're waiting! :) 

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  1. Here's to a new year of fluffing. Moving things around is a great way to bring new life into a room.



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