December 21, 2010

Christmas Decor

Many of you may know Leigh's oldest daughter Lauren ... She used to live in Charleston, SC (lucky gal!) but has recently moved back to Greenville, NC. By recent, we mean a month ago! 

She typically loves pulling out all the stops for Christmas ... decorating, baking, parties ... the works! This year it just seemed an impossible task after packing up her life (literally!) a month ago! 

We y'all look at the CUTE tree she created after realizing that she couldn't have NOTHING Christmas-y in her house! :) 

We love it! Sticks from her backyard and glass ornaments from Big Lots! The grosgrain ribbon she had leftover from Pottery Barn packages she received as wedding gifts last year! In all, the tree cost her $3(plus tax!) to create! 

Do you have any creative Christmas decorations to share? 

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