December 30, 2010

Lauren's house - after

Ok so y'all saw Lauren's house before ... 

Here's after ... 


living room

living room

mudroom, turned dining room

dining room (excuse my DC box)


front guest room (new bedding & side table)

front guestroom

back guest room

master bedroom

I didn't strip any wallpaper, paint, or anything except deep clean & add my cute (in my humble opinion) things! And I only bought a FEW new things! The bedding on the front guest room is new, and I added a couple new side tables. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    I dropped by from Sissie's blog. What a cute house you have! It's loaded with charm. I love your pink pillows on the sofa, and the pink side table in the bedroom with the blue bed. That black and white striped pillow looks great at the end of the hall too. I think you should add a great chandelier in that first living room, the one with the pink pillows! Adorable place, it'll be fun watching you tweak it...



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