December 29, 2010

Lauren's House - before

Ok y'all, remember FLUFFING? And the before & after makeovers that we want to help you with? 

Well here's an example ... This is Lauren's house in Greenville. 

There are so many pics that we had to break this post down into a before post & an after post. (and we wanted to add a little suspense to your Wednesday!) 

Lauren & Bryan moved to Greenville, NC almost 2 months ago ... They knew they wanted to live near the stadium (hello, walks to football games!) and when they found this house they fell in LOVE

It's a 1950's ranch that has some really terrible wallpaper ... I will be taking care of that ASAP, but until then I just pretend that all my cute things make up for it! :) 

Ok y'all tour starts NOW

fenced in backyard (Tux LOVES it)







den (and yes, those are 123208310 faux wreaths) 

living room

living room


full bath

close-up of the full bath wallpaper (pretty flowers)

back guest room

front guest room

master bedroom

master (half)bath

close up of the 'beautiful' border

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