February 9, 2010


It's been so long... too long... since we last posted! We are so sorry! Things have been busy for us though! We're are in the process of 'revamping' the WHOLE store for our re-opening on February 19th! We are LOVING the new look of The Painted Cottage and know that you will feel the same way!

Ok, must pick up the paintbrush again! But please keep checking back for more updates! We promise not to be away for so long!

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  1. I'm glad to hear you all are opening back up again! I hope you all have enjoyed your vacation. I'm currently stuck up in DC with the second crazy snow storm. I'm wondering if I will ever see my students again! My mom is actually coming down this weekend and I'm hoping she can stop by to pick up the brown and white starfish chair that you all have for me. My mom (Susan Claytor)called and left you all a message but I thought maybe you would get this before the message. If you could give her a call that would be great, 804-539-9602!

    Anne Stewart Claytor


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