October 6, 2009


First, I think we need to start by offering a BIG apology... We fell down on our job! We promised to keep you all updated with the goings on at The Painted Cottage and it has obviously been a while!

However, we do have a fairly good excuse... Leigh's oldest daughter Lauren was married on September 26th! People kept asking when we would get stressed and although it seems that we never did... although, we did get EXTREMELY busy!

Lauren had (in our opinion) an absolutely perfect wedding day! She had a very traditional 'theme' with a touch of shabby chic... And of course she enlisted The Painted Cottage for some ideas!

We have recently started carrying a new line of frames that are perfect with all decor from shabby chic to modern to very traditional. At first sight, Lauren knew that these Obrien and Shridde frames would be exactly what would display her bridal portraits.

Speaking of weddings... We want to congratulate Cindy Hoskins on her recent marriage to Aaron Black! We absolutely love being able to celebrate with our bridal registrants! Best wishes to you both!
That's all for the excitement for now! We promise to keep updating regularly! (Really!)

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